What are the Best skateboard wheels for concrete parks?

The article aims to answer the question “Best skateboard wheels for concrete parks?. ”Skateboard wheels for concrete parks will be covered in this article. We hope that this information will assist you in making an informed decision about which wheels to choose for your concrete park. 

What are the Best skateboard wheels for concrete parks?

Following are the best skateboard wheels for concrete parks:

TGM skateboard wheels

The 92A or 99A durometer of these wheels places them at the top of our ranking. Complete sets of wheels, spacers, bearings, and washers are included in this product’s packaging. These wheels are suited for concrete parks since they have a hardness rating of 99A. 

As a result of their excellent traction on concrete, these wheels are also suitable for more difficult stunts. It’s possible to choose from a variety of diameters ranging in size from 50 millimeters to 60 millimeters. Keep in mind that you can go further on larger wheels. 

Park and street skateboarders will like the 50mm to 54mm wheel diameters, which are ideal on these wheels. Because the other components are included, the package represents a significant saving over purchasing them individually. 

In addition, the bearings have an ABEC 7 rating, which implies they can spin at 20,000 to 30,000 revolutions per minute. The maximum speed you can get on 54mm wheels is above 200 km/h. Additionally, this product has wheels with a durometer of 92A, which is lower than the 99A offered by the competition. 

Beginners will love them since they are labeled “GEL” in color. These wheels allow them to skate easily in parks and on city streets. Polyurethane, a strong material, is used to construct the wheels. 

Polyurethane is useful since it can handle a lot of weight. Concrete parks will benefit from the flood protection it provides. Furthermore, it is equipped with features for dampening vibrations and reducing background noise.

Ricta skateboard wheels

In terms of grip, Ricta Skateboard wheels are a standout. They’re great for any surface, including concrete. With this set of wheels, you’ll be able to pull off some impressive moves. The quality and performance of these wheels have been praised by many of their owners. 

The wheels have a contemporary design. They’re light and portable, making them perfect for road trips and day trips to parks. One of the greatest skateboard wheels for cruising is this set of wheels. Additionally, the wheels are somewhere between firm and supple. 

They may easily slide and even roll over pebbles and crumbled stone. Rough concrete surfaces and city streets are suitable for these wheels. From 52mm to 60mm, these wheels are available in a variety of styles and finishes. 

They are urethane with a 78D core and a durometer of 78a. If you’re looking for something even more durable, go with the 92A alternative. The superior bearings on these wheels allow for a speedier and more comfortable ride. They’re unstoppable and can glide over ditches and cracks with ease.

Shark wheels

Unique to these wheels is their ability to both roll and slide on the road. With their sine wave shape and grooves, they are very easy to use. Their square appearance belies their flawless roundness.

In the sine wave layout, each wheel has three mouths. This feature allows for a more secure grip on any surface, even concrete. In addition, it minimizes the friction that causes the ride to be slower. Wheel jamming is reduced by the wave-like shape, making it appropriate for rocky roads.

Grooves on the wheels provide a firm ground contact area. In addition, they clean the wheels of any grit, gravel, or sand that may have accumulated, making for a smoother, faster ride. Less hydroplaning is usually a good thing.

In addition, the diameter of these Shark wheels is larger, measuring roughly 60mm. As a result, they’re ideal for parks with concrete surfaces. These skateboard wheels may also be used on rocky roads.

Losenka skateboard wheels

The Losenka wheels’ stylish design is based on a photograph of a North American gray wolf yelping at the moon. Bearings with an ABEC 9 rating are installed on these wheels. This grade allows the wheels to reach 20,000 to 30,000 rpm, which is a significant increase in speed.

Additionally, the wheels have a hardness of 95A, making them ideal for skateparks and other hard surfaces such as concrete or asphalt. It’s no secret that polyurethane, the material used to make these wheels, is very durable. 

Wheels made of polyurethane, a very durable material, are well-suited to concrete parks and longer rides. A cold infusion procedure has also been used to improve the wheels’ wear resistance, rigidity, and firmness.

Suitable size for concrete parks, Losenka’s model has a diameter of 52 mm. In one purchase, you receive four wheels with a 30 mm width.

Spitfire skateboard wheels

The performance of Spitfire skateboard wheels has been praised by the majority of its customers. They like the wheels’ dependability, longevity, and lack of tendency to go flat. They also like the wheels’ 99A durometer, which makes them very hard. 

As a result, the wheels have excellent traction and are very fast. Concrete parks and streets may use them. If you’re just learning to skate, these wheels are a wonderful option for you, too. In addition, I like the good traction they provide.

In addition to being American-made, these wheels also have a very high level of quality. Under the board, the wheels have an interesting design that complements the board well. The free Spitfire sticker adds a nice touch to the green and white color scheme. For long-term usage and pleasant rides, customers like these wheels.

Rollerex skateboard wheels

Are you trying to get a decent deal on a set of wheels? In that case, look no further than the Rollerex Phaser skateboard wheels. You may select from three different bundles.

The first set includes four red wheels at a reasonable price. Packages 2 and 3 both come with four red wheels and the same amount of components as the 2nd package, but with black wheels instead. You’re getting a lot for your money with these bundles and their rates.

54mm in diameter and 92A in diameter, these are the wheels. Concrete parks benefit greatly from the wheel’s diameter.

Durable, high-density urethane wheels can withstand extensive usage. – As a result, they are more durable than other types of wheels. A 30-day money-back guarantee from the manufacturer means you won’t lose any of your hard-earned cash if the product doesn’t meet your expectations.


Concrete skate parks are more long-lasting than ones built of wood or steel. Concrete parks have a smooth surface, yet they may be slick. On concrete, you’ll also enjoy a quieter ride than if you were riding on steel or wood.

In addition, you must think about which wheels are most suited for your board and concrete skateparks. Concrete parks may necessitate the use of certain wheels.

Frequently asked questions (FAQS): Best skateboard wheels for concrete parks?

Can I use hard skateboard wheels on concrete?

Yes, you can use hard skateboard wheels on concrete. Concrete parks, for example, are an ideal surface for hard wheels. If the wheels aren’t hard enough, how will you know? The wheels’ durometer scale must be determined. 

Skateboard wheel hardness is measured using a 100-point scale like this. The harder the wheels are, the higher the number is. The ideal hardness scale It’s possible that a wheel scale is around the 99A range. 

These wheels are ideal for use in concrete parks since they are rock-solid and very hard to break down. In the meanwhile, street rolling is enhanced by the use of soft wheels. Skateboard wheels with an 84B grade, like the bones skateboard wheels, may be used in skateparks. 

Durometer B scales are used to assess the hardness of skate wheels. It’s the same bone wheel rate as 104A.


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