Can impact driver drill concrete?  

This article aims to answer the question “Can impact driver drill concrete?“ It will also highlight what kind of material you should work on within your core-drilling project.  This article will also help you in determining the tools, techniques, and precautions you will need to drill concrete. Can impact driver drill concrete?   Yes, an impact … Read more

Can lava melt concrete?

This article will answer the question “Can lava melt concrete?” and will also cover the concept of melting point and concrete’s inherent resistance to fire.  This blog article will also cover explosive spalling, thermal cracking, and physical and chemical changes on concrete under fire. Can lava melt concrete? No, lava cannot melt concrete. The melting … Read more

Can concrete cure underwater?

The article aims to answer the question “Can concrete cure underwater?“. It will also discuss the pros and cons of watering your concrete.  Can concrete cure underwater? Yes, concrete can cure underwater. Underwater concrete drying is even better than in the air. When cement particles hydrate, this results in the formation of this.  Sand and … Read more